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  • Spring Internship Program

    Applications closed. Stay on the lookout for Summer applications!

    If you are interested in making your mark on today’s important issues and getting your voice heard, then apply to MPAC’s internship program.

    Advocating Nationally

    Our internships are located in our Washington, DC and Los Angeles offices. Our internship program allows you to work on issues on a national scale. Such as immigration, national security, human security, and religious freedom. Every internship will focus on supporting MPAC's mission to improve public understanding and policies that impact American Muslims by engaging our government, media, and communities.

    Who we are looking for?

    We are seeking undergraduate, graduate and recent grad students for our Spring 2018 internship (January- June). 


    NOTE: Our internships are unpaid. If needed, we will work with your school so you can receive academic credit, but you are responsible for all paperwork.

  • Areas of Focus


    Policy & Advocacy





    & Research

  • Internships

    Find a program that excites you, read through the descriptions and find out which you would happily perform. Throw yourself into your work and you will get the most out of your time here.

    Policy & Advocacy


    Based in the MPAC Washington D.C. office, you will develop leadership, communication, and critical and analysis skills in a dynamic and exciting work environment through hands-on experience in policy making, opinion-shaping, and public policy advocacy. You will work collaboratively with the team to develop policy positions through policy monitoring research and assessment through writing policy briefs. You will assist with external advocacy efforts and outreach. You will attend conferences, congressional hearings and meetings, academic lectures, and other events that come up during your time with MPAC. Through this internship experience, America will become enriched by the vital contributions of young passionate individuals.



    • Strong research and writing skills, particularly on policy and legislative issues

    • Familiarity with federal policymaking and legislative processes

    • Interest in public affairs advocacy as it relates to American Muslims and social justice

    • Required attachments: Resume, cover letter, writing sample, references


    Based in the MPAC LA office and DC office, you will experience an exciting opportunity to refine your skills in digital storytelling through graphic design and/or video production. Merge your creativity and passion for social justice to make a difference in the policies and perceptions affecting American Muslims and other communities. You will be in a space where you are encouraged to share ideas and give your input in the planning of various projects. Responsibilities include creating graphics and/or short form video content to support programs, campaigns, and events.



    • Have a strong grasp on different social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc) 
    • Experience recording on DSLRs 
    • Passionate about creative storytelling, problem-solving and asking great questions
    • Hungry to learn, attention to detail, self-learner, and strong initiative
    • Eager to work on projects from conception to execution to reporting
    • Required attachments: Resume, cover letter, creative project/portfolio

    Administrative & Research

    Based in the MPAC LA office, you will work closely with President of MPAC and assist him with the various projects he will be working on. The administrative and research intern needs to be familiar with current affairs and will learn to work collaboratively with other departments.



    • Familiarity with data manipulation and analysis
    • Strong people and writing skills
    • Interest in public affairs advocacy as it relates to American Muslims
    • Required attachments: Resume, cover letter, writing sample, references
  • Got questions?

    I can't intern during the spring. Do you offer internships for the summer?

    Yes! Our internship program is offered all year round, in both LA and DC. However, please keep in mind that not all internship positions are offered all year round.


    I can't intern for the whole term. Can I intern for a part of it?

    Please let us know in your application what dates you can intern for. We have had past interns work for part of the term because of other plans and work.


    When can I apply?

    Here's the breakdown of when applications are open.

    Spring applications: late November - early January

    Summer applications: mid-April - early May

    Fall applications: mid-July - late August


    Will I get paid for this internship?

    Unfortunately, we do not pay our interns. However, if your university is willing to pay you through our internship, we can work it out. This includes work-study or other sponsorships and programs.

    How many hours do I need to intern?

    Full-time interns must do a minimum of 30 hours and part-time interns must do a minimum of 15 hours. If you are applying for the summer, the minimum is 30 hours. If you cannot due to other obligations, please let us know in your application.


    Do you provide housing or transportation?

    We do not provide housing or transportation for interns. However, if you need help finding housing, please let us know.


    Can I apply for multiple positions?

    Of course! All you need to do is submit a separate application for the position(s) you are interested in. You cannot select multiple positions on one application.


    I can't intern but I would really like to help out in any way possible. How can I get involved?

    Use the contact form below and let us know you would like to help out! If there are any opportunities available, we'll be sure to reach out. Be sure to include your location.

  • Contact Us

    For more information or if you have any further questions, please email internships@mpac.org or use the form below.